There's no need to let distance stop us from enjoying the exquisite taste of wine. Thanks to our quality suppliers, your clients and team can be treated to an expert wine tasting session from the comfort of their homes. During a virtual wine tasting session, you'll learn how to taste like a pro, understand when to send wine back, learn about acidity, body, tannin and why each wines taste differently. You'll learn about food and wine pairing principles and develop great questions to ask the sommelier. Taste and socialise with colleagues in different locations simultaneously. Thanks to Zoom and the guidance of skilled wine experts, your guests can enjoy a memorable experience in socially distanced safety. Wine paired with learning equals a fantastic corporate event.

We've a range of suppliers and options available to suit your budgets and guest requirements. Wines can be delivered directly to your guests, or recommended for purchase in accordance with your budget and preference. Recommendations from specific supermarkets or suppliers can be tailored, with a wide range of price-points available.

Format: Online
Requirements: Laptop or Mobile with good internet connection
Guests: 10 - 1,000
Duration: 1-2 hours
Pricing: From £25 + wines

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