Want to give your guests a fun souvenir of your virtual event? Add a virtual photobooth option for an extra level of interactive fun. Guests can access the booth at any time during your online event, taking snaps of themselves, which can be turned into animated gifs, or enhanced with stickers, frames and backgrounds. Guests can receive their pictures by email, or view them at a later date in their dedicated event gallery. There's even the option to digitally add friends to the photo, which is a great option for online events where attendees are joining remotely.

Online photo booth

Our virtual photobooth supplier offers clients the opportunity to brand the assets for their event. The booth, photo frames, emails, backgrounds and more can all be customised for specific events. Photo and background removal credit packages can be agreed in advance. There's even an option to add a moderator for your virtual event, ensuring that no unsavoury pictures appear in the gallery. This is a fun option to add to multi experience virtual Christmas parties and themed online corporate events.