All aboard for a magical festive adventure! Our Virtual Northern Lights party will transport you and your guests to a wintry Lapland destination for a Christmas party like no other. Guests will arrive on board a luxury air-liner bound for a fantastic voyage to a snowy destination. They’ll be greeted by our cabin crew and made comfortable in their seats. Wait a minute, did Santa just fly past the window on his sleigh? Following some humorous interaction, guests are encouraged to access their in-flight entertainment consoles. From here they can enjoy an immersive murder-mystery experience, where guests will interrogate suspects to reveal the culprit before it’s time to land. We arrive at a winter wonderland and are welcomed by the locals for a magical interactive party under the Northern Lights. There’s music, dancing, party games, quirky visuals and tons of engaging fun with colleagues.

This virtual event can be enjoyed as described above, or tailored towards your guests, preferences, budget and run time requirements. For example: during the flight, we can include different activities, or offer a choice of activities for guests to enjoy by creating additional, free access Zoom rooms. Guests could partake in some in-flight cocktail making, a festive magic show, or maybe a Christmas craft class. Alternatively, you can choose to keep all guests together and opt for something different to murder mystery, such as a virtual music bingo game or seasonal gameshow. Include in flight drinks, snacks and party boxes for a real treat.

This online event is perfect for medium to large guest numbers. The combination of wintry visuals and festive music will create a cosy atmosphere which is ideal for office Christmas parties and festive client events. We’ll work with you to ensure event content and activities are relevant for your guests, so that everybody gets the maximum amount of enjoyment.