Mindfulness is different from other training interventions. Many companies use traditional methods to “tell” staff how to improve their skills. There is nothing wrong with this approach, however it ignores the fact that people’s mindsets are not easily changed just by being told what they should be doing. Mindfulness is a tool that will not only bring benefits for your staff whilst at work but will also impact on their general well-being and their personal lives. This all impacts on reducing absenteeism and mitigating future stress.

Through online Mindfulness sessions, participants can learn to retrain their mindsets, reducing the negative thought patterns which impact their lives. Class sizes and timing can be tailored to your requirements, with virtual formats offering security to your staff while they work from home.

Format: Online
Requirements: Laptop or Mobile with good internet connection
Guests: 20 - 100
Duration: 30 min - 1 hr
Pricing: £POA

To enquire about booking a virtual mindless session for your team or clients, please send an email to Flavour Venue Search: info@flavourvenuesearch.com