The Circus Skills virtual workshop is a fantastic remote team building activity which enables delegates to work together for an enjoyable online experience, placing challenge and problem solving at the core of the team. The high energy circus workshop can revitalise teams and enables a transfer of inspiration into the workplace!

You will try things you never imagined trying, achieve things you didn’t expect to achieve, and learn skills you'll never forget.

Taking part in circus activities is a highly enjoyable way for people to develop important skills that apply to all walks of life. In an atmosphere of terrific fun, they can discover new ways of learning, gain better communication abilities, and develop stronger mutual support and respect for each other.

Teams will uncover their secret circus skills as they learn juggling and balloon making skills from a master performer.

The process of learning to juggle is a metaphor for many aspects of business life. Here, participants will be discovering techniques for learning any new skill. Most of all, they will see how to gain valuable lessons from failure. Juggling is usually seen as an individual skill, but within this workshop the emphasis will be on both group and solo juggling. Because of this we will actively encourage participants to inspire each other through sharing the skills they are learning by creating their own routines. A fun option to enhance your virtual team events.

Cost £30 pp + VAT (min charge £550 +VAT for small groups)
Numbers: no set capacity but smaller groups will get more one to one
Duration: 1 skill (eg juggling) – 45 mins

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