We’re delighted that in-person events are back and have excellent venues and activities for the coming office Christmas party season. That said, many clients are opting for virtual Christmas parties again this year. If you’re looking for the best virtual event ideas for your festive party, check out these options:

An immersive virtual event that takes guests from an Alpine Lodge to a snowy woodland party under the stars. Choose your own virtual experiences from a range of exciting online event options. Great for 100 to 1,000 guests.

ur 5* rated virtual music bingo event with a seasonal twist. Christmas music bingo features festive music, seasonal visuals, your favourite tunes, and lots of interactive fun. Filled with personalisation and humour, it’s the perfect virtual bingo experience for your office Christmas party.

A multi experience virtual event which culminates in an interactive party under the northern lights. Great for medium to large guest numbers, this virtual Christmas party event has lots of options for creating the ideal experience.

There are many great Christmas virtual events listed on flavourev.com  If you’d like our help to find the best ones for you, make an enquiry below.