Here's a great way to enhance your virtual party. Our professional caricature artist will create humorous digital portraits of your guests during your online events. With almost 30 years of professional experience, he can produce an impressive likeness in approximately 4 minutes per guest, emailing them their souvenir caricature during the event. Using multiple camera angles, guests can chat while they're drawn and get a view of the artist at work too.

Caricaturist for virtual events

Our virtual caricaturist has an extensive portfolio of art. He's drawn live on BBC, ITV and C4, and has been regularly commissioned by publications including TV Times and GQ. His flamboyant style and ability to quickly capture the essence of his subjects has made him a caricaturist to the stars. His talents can be booked as a standalone virtual experience, or as an add-on for multi experience virtual parties, Christmas parties and online corporate events.