With the current challenges around organising children's parties, Flavour Virtual Events offer a fun solution which lets kids play together and enjoy a shared experience from the safety of their homes. Using zoom video communication software, kids can party and play games together, provided they have access to a camera and microphone enabled computer with reasonable internet speed. A fantastic option for virtual birthday parties, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Christmas parties, Halloween parties, and other children’s celebrations.

The event

Raid Your Rooms is a hosted scavenger-hunt game which includes party elements. During each round, kids will be tasked with answering questions, solving puzzles, and completing challenges to uncover the identity of common household objects. They will rush off and be the quickest to return with the correct item to score points. There are also fun bonus rounds, including musical statues, drawing, tower building and dress-up. The winner will be the child who scores the most points by the end of the game. Ultimately, the aim is to provide an enjoyable challenge, and for the kids to have fun watching each other doing silly things on screen.

Themes and personalisation

The game is set around an adventure theme, hosted by veteran explorer Sir Quentin Questworthy, with support from Base Camp. The outfit, music and game setting have a jungle-tomb theme, inspired by Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones. However, seasonal themes and characters are available, including Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. Games and rounds can be interchangeable, which can be agreed with the booking adult in advance. Dialogue can be tailored to the event, such as singing happy birthday, or mentioning special occasions. A spec sheet will be provided to confirm details prior to securing the booking.


An adult version of Raid Your Rooms is also available, which features a more difficult challenge level, mature dialogue, plus bonus rounds which include drinking. Popular for parties and corporate events. Parents are welcome to join their kid’s game. We also offer a breakout room feature. If parents join their child’s game using a different device, they can be placed into a breakout room, where they can enjoy socialising with the other parents while their kids play the main game.

How to book

One adult will be required as the main booker and organiser for each event. This will be our contact for invoicing, agreeing game specifications, and supplying pre-game information to all players and parents. Pre-payment by bank transfer is required 7 days in advance, allowing time for customisation and preparation.

Players: 6-50

Ages: 5-10

Duration: Approx. 1 hour

Requirements: Computer with mic and camera enabled. Good internet connection.

Pricing: POA

Breakout room: Included in booking cost

To book Raid Your Rooms for your children’s party, or to enquire about our other virtual events, please see below.