Team building activities are an important part of business success. Encouraging staff to engage and share experiences can strengthen internal working relationships and boost morale. With many of our clients choosing to operate a work from home policy, we’ve been asked to find alternative means of providing their teams with enjoyable group activities. Virtual team events are currently very popular with corporate clients. Employers recognise the value of socialising with colleagues and are keen to reward staff with parties, without organising in-person gatherings. Hosted virtual parties allow colleagues to see each other, laugh, compete, and enjoy a fun experience from the comfort of their homes.

What is a hosted virtual party?

Using video communication software such as Zoom, guests can join an online event via their home computers, provided they have a camera, microphone and speaker enabled. One or more hosts can run a structured party experience for the participants. Our hosts come from professional stage and screen acting backgrounds, allowing them to confidently portray a range of amusing characters to entertain guests. Many offer the option of a live DJ too. Stories are told and games are played, with guests encouraged to participate. Spotlighting is used to draw attention to individuals, allowing the host to manage conversations and ensure everyone joins in. Guests can complete a variety of challenges. Popular activities include dance-off, drawing, cocktail making, room-raiding and impromptu fancy dress. The main aim is to reward guests with a collaborative and fun shared experience.


What’s the process?

We work with our virtual event suppliers to make it easy for our clients to arrange a hosted party. Once date, budget and number of attendees are confirmed, we’ll select the most suitable hosts from our talent portfolio. We’ll then arrange a planning call between ourselves, the host, and the client-side event organiser. This will allow the client to choose which type of character would best suit their event, plus agree any themes and topics to be covered. The client can decide on which games to play and how the host should interact with guests based on the attendee profile. There are options to add a DJ, or additional hosts for more variety. A spec sheet for the event will be provided following this call. The host will supply a link to their video communication software, allowing guests to log in on the day. The host will also advise of any additional materials that guests should have to hand during the event. Simply share the link and instructions with your guests and get ready for a good time.

Things to consider

Timing is the key to organising the best virtual parties. Try to select a date and time which will get the most uptake. Consider what guests will be doing beforehand and afterwards, especially if drinking is to be encouraged. Length of event is important too. 1-2 hours tends to work best for keeping energy levels high. Video communication platforms can accommodate hundreds of guests on the same meeting, but lower numbers allow for intimacy and more time for the host to engage with individuals. You may find that running several events at different times or using multiple hosts will create a richer, more participatory experience. Hosted virtual parties offer many customisable options, meaning prices can vary. A higher number of guests, longer run times, additional hosts, custom themed content, and date/time of day will affect pricing.

If you want to treat your staff to a memorable remote team building event, hosted virtual parties are a fantastic option. These bespoke experiences are packed with laughs and participation. This is a great icebreaker when introducing new teams to each other, plus a fantastic way to reconnect with colleagues you’ve missed being around. If you're missing a big night out, a hosted virtual party with a DJ is the next best thing! If you’re interested in one of our hosted virtual parties, contact Flavour Venue Search below and we’ll take you to the fun times.