For many businesses, hosting a conference can be extremely influential in increasing customer confidence and creating new client opportunities. Online virtual conferencing has allowed companies to continue this valuable practice, while abiding by current distancing rules. Using remote video conferencing software, businesses can host virtual events to present their offering to customers around the world. However, without the buzz generated by in-person communication, hospitality, and impactful staging, it’s easy for virtual conference delegates to become disengaged over time. Here are some activities you can add to your online conference agenda to keep your audience engaged.

Off to a good start

When delivering a full agenda, it’s important that delegates begin their day energetically and in the right frame of mind. Start your conference with a virtual mindfulness session to ensure your audience is relaxed, present in the moment, and better equipped to face modern challenges. A mindfulness expert will guide your delegates through breathing and awareness practices. Session length and content can be tailored to suit. Another great way to start your conference is with a virtual yoga class. These can be customised for all levels of fitness and mobility. Align body and mind to start the day positively.

Mid conference energiser

A busy morning and the post-lunch slump can have a negative impact on the engagement and energy levels of your attendees. Consider an interactive virtual game to encourage participation and re-energise your guests. Fun virtual games like Who Dares Wins and Raid your Rooms encourage players to compete in solving puzzles, completing challenges, and answering questions. These team building activities serve as a great icebreaker, allowing guests to enjoy an exciting, shared experience that generates engagement and enthusiasm.

A solid close

Post-event networking drinks have traditionally been the close of many conferences. Businesses appreciate the value of rewarding their clients with warm hospitality. Using virtual formats, this post-conference tradition can continue. Virtual cocktail classes encourage guests to create and sip exotic drinks together. Ingredients and equipment can be delivered in advance, allowing delegates to learn new skills from expert mixologists online. Drinks tasting options are also available, allowing guests to enjoy sampling wines, beers and spirits while improving their knowledge. For a truly memorable closing event, why not entertain your guests with a virtual cabaret show or a hosted interactive party? Delegates can have fun, participate, and enjoy professional performances together. The acts can be selected, and content can be tailored to relay your company message. A satisfying close to a day of online conferencing.

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