Here’s a virtual party experience to get your guests moving. Our 90s Music Bingo event delivers all the dabbing fun of disco bingo, but with a 1990s vibe. Players get a unique bingo card featuring a list of the hottest 90s tracks. DJ Joop spins those tunes, while MC Tamagotchi calls them out.

Dust off your scrunchies, shell suits and crop tops and get ready to dance along as you listen out for the songs on your pre-supplied card. Cross your tunes off as you hear them. The winner of each game is the first to call HOUSE by marking every song on their card.

90s music bingo

90s music virtual bingo is a fantastic option for Christmas parties, corporate events, parties with friends, stag and hen parties and lively nights in. Using zoom and a device with camera and sound enabled, groups of 10 to 500 guests can join the fun. Our enthusiastic hosts MC Tamagotchi and DJ Joop will entertain guests, using spotlighting and cheeky 90s banter to keep them engaged. In addition to the cheese-tastic tunes and dance atmosphere, there will be on the spot games to keep the energy levels high. Just like disco bingo, but with cheesy-pop, Eurodance, grunge, rave, girl-power, Indie, boy-bands and all the best tunes from the 1990s. Get in touch to book your own virtual 90s music bingo party.


Cost: P.O.A.
Number of people: 10-500
Duration 1.5 hours