We can all agree these are challenging times for businesses. With staff forced to work remotely and adhere to social distancing measures, workplace morale and team spirit can diminish. In-person corporate events are on hold, making it difficult to bond with clients and colleagues alike. During this period of isolation, we can offer some much needed human interaction, empowering your workforce through virtual events. We present Flavour Virtual – A means of providing your teams and business contacts with impactful shared experiences while staying safe.

Looking to keep your staff entertained? Want to reward your team for their efforts. Do you need to build rapport with clients and prospects? Would you like to enhance your virtual events with fun, healthy, interactive, educational, and entertaining content? We can supply your business with a wealth of talent who can host, present, motivate and entertain your people from the comfort of their homes. Our options include:

  • Themed Zoom parties – hosted gameshows and tailored activities.
  • Quiz nights and Bingo.
  • Group Yoga and Fitness classes.
  • Lectures and panel discussions.
  • Training sessions and workshops.
  • Virtual escape rooms, puzzles, and murder-mysteries.
  • Mindfulness and wellbeing.
  • Art, craft, food and drink classes.
  • Plus other experiences tailored to your business goals.

With decades of event knowledge and a database of skilled, experienced suppliers, we can ensure your requirements are met. There are no tech related hassles to navigate. Your teams will simply need to click on a link and enter access details. Let us save you time by suggesting the right talent for your objective.

Get in touch and we’ll connect you with the people who will make your event special.

Interested? Please email: info@flavourvenuesearch.com