Office parties and corporate events have traditionally revolved around one main activity: Getting drunk! However, with many of us taking a healthier path through life, more and more events require activities which guarantee fun times, without the necessity to sink most of the budget into the bar tab. Flavour Venue Search love discovering exciting event activities on behalf of our clients and Bucket Race was an absolute corker! Are you looking for inspiration on how to spice up your stag or hen party? Are you hoping to make your team building event a blast? Yes? Read on.

Bucket Race is a race around various parts of London. Teams compete against one another by completing tasks on the list they’re provided. These tasks are typically location based, requiring the players to take photos or videos of themselves performing the listed activities in specified places. Some tasks are more random and require a bit of creativity. Points are awarded per task, with the more tricky or embarrassing challenges scoring big. We crawled around on the ground like lions, fed the ducks and baffled security guards on several occasions. Watching the videos back still makes us chuckle. The pictures and videos are uploaded to Twitter, with the game’s organisers keeping a tally of the score over the 3-hour play time. There are bonus points available and prizes for the highest scoring teams. We were delighted with our 3rd place trophy and a bottle of fizz.

Bucket Race's goal is for people to discover new places, hangouts and hidden gems, while competing in a fun and friendly environment. We played in the busy West End, an area we’re very familiar with, yet we managed to see plenty of new sights and discovered places we wouldn’t typically visit. Other locations include Greenwich, Shoreditch, Brixton and Waterloo, so there’s plenty of scope for completing a Bucket Race in an area that suits your event. There’s no need for public transport during the game and players will enjoy racking up the steps while scoring points.

Bucket Race is an excellent option for private and corporate activities. Team building events will see colleagues working together to solve problems and complete challenges. Groups of friends will have a fantastic time competing against each other. Stag and hen party guests will be rolling around with laughter as they get into embarrassing situations. Flavour Venue Search can help you book the Bucket Race that suits your event. Get in touch today for help with organising your perfect activity.