We hope everyone is keeping safe and well during lockdown. We certainly miss the wonderful event venues we work with and look forward to their reopening. Whist we wait, our good friends at ETM Group have shared the recipe for their delicious dark chocolate torte with pear caramel, the perfect sweet treat to cheer us up. The ETM Group collection features such prestigious destination venues as Aviary and The Botanist, plus superb restaurants including The Jugged Hare and The White Swan. They certainly know a thing or two about great hospitality. Flavour Venue Search have placed weddings, private dining, Christmas parties, plus other private and corporate events across their portfolio of London venues. While we wait for them to reopen, here’s a little taste of ETM you can enjoy at home.

Dark chocolate torte with pear caramel

This scrumptious dessert is vegan and has been modified to use ingredients available at most local supermarkets. Each component can me made and enjoyed separately or combined for a real feast. The chocolate torte recipe makes enough for 12 servings. Either scale it down accordingly, or savour with your household over the course of a few days.

Ingredients - For the chocolate torte:

320g vegan cookies
150g vegan margarine
80g caster sugar
600g dark chocolate
480ml coconut milk
180g golden syrup


To make the base, grease a 20cm round tarte case. Blitz the sugar, cookies and margarine, then press mixture into the tin. Bake at 170 degrees for 7 minutes. To make the filling, heat up golden syrup and coconut milk, then pour over the chocolate and slowly combine. Pour onto base and slowly cool for 2 hours before transferring to a fridge to fully set.

Ingredients - Poached pears with pear caramel

500g sugar
300ml white wine
1tsp lemon juice
star anise
cardamom pod
cinnamon stick

For the pear caramel:

300g sugar
100ml water
300g pear purée
Fresh, peeled pears


Boil and simmer the white wine, sugar, lemon juice and spices before adding peeled pears. Gently poach until soft, then allow to cool in liquor. To make the caramel, boil and reduce the remaining sugar, water and pear purée until thick and syrupy.

To serve, plate a 2cm thick slice of the chocolate torte. Slice the base from a pear, allowing it to stand beside the torte. Drizzle the pear with caramel. Enjoy every delicious forkful.

We hope you enjoy this delightful dessert from ETM Group. Let’s hope we can visit one of their fine venues to savour the real thing again soon.