The Crystal Challenge is an exciting team building activity that will bring out the best in your people. This event is fully mobile and ideal for mixed teams from 10 to 500 players, across a 2 to 4 hour play time. Inspired by the popular TV show where teams elect a player per round to complete a challenge in order to win a crystal, this version is packed with fun, skill and hilarity as whole teams compete against each other to see who will come out victorious! The games will test your team’s mental agility and physical skills, working together to beat the opposition before the time runs out.

Working through Medieval, Aztec, Industrial and Futuristic zones, your team’s aim is to win crystals which equate to seconds. Beat your opponents within the time and you’ll win a large crystal (worth five seconds). Fail to complete the task and you’ll walk away with nothing…. unless your instructor thinks your efforts deserve a small crystal, or even two (worth one second each). Finally, it’s time to count your crystals and enter The Crystal Dome for the grand finale! Your team must grab as many gold tickets as possible within your achieved time – the team with the most gold tickets wins! The Crystal Challenge is ideal as an outdoor event but can also be played indoors.

Your event starts with the indoor or outdoor space being completely transformed. Get ready to walk in and find your very own crystal maze! Across the space there will be 8 activities from 4 of our different zones: Medieval, Aztec, Industrial & Futuristic. The event starts with organising everyone in their teams and a quick health & safety briefing. After a fun energizer, the teams set off to complete their first activity! Each activity is hosted by experienced event staff, who will make sure everyone stays safe and understands the rules.  After the rotation, the teams move onto their next activity.

Once all activities have been completed, it’s time to count up all the crystals and see how much time each group has accumulated in the dome! One at a time, teams enter the huge crystal dome and try and catch as many gold tickets as possible. Make sure to avoid the silver tickets as these deduct points and could jeopardize any potential wins! After all teams have entered the dome, the top 3 are announced. The bronze and silver medals are given out to the respective teams. The winning team receive some gold medals and a bottle of bubbly!

Number of guests: 10 - 500
Duration: 2hrs - 4hrs
Format: Indoor or Outdoor team building event
Location: Fully mobile
Price: From £57.50 pp+ VAT