Many companies are taking greater steps than ever to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of their staff. Through corporate wellness programs, businesses and employees benefit from the positivity and productivity which come with healthy behavioural habits. Delegates and staff also benefit when wellness activities are included at events such as conferences, seminars, and staff parties. Here’s how you can add wellness activities to your corporate events.

Get moving
In addition to being fun, physical activity releases endorphins, engages the mind and promotes bodily health. A wonderful way to get conference delegates energised or break the ice at a networking event is by including a physical activity. This could include light yoga or stretching workshops to start the day well. Dance workshops are a terrific addition to office parties. With plenty of styles available, it’s easy to match the right option to your guests.

Healthy competition
Games and sports are a terrific way to promote health and competitive spirit simultaneously. There are many excellent suppliers who can bring all the equipment required for a variety of sporting tournaments to your event location. How about a round of 9-hole crazy golf to get the party swinging? Maybe a ping pong party will help delegates hit it off? With activities ranging from rock band jamming to retro arcade games, we’ve got tons of fun ideas to keep guests engaged.

And relax
There are plenty of ways to offer healthy relaxation at your corporate events. A seminar or networking event can be complimented by an aromatherapy station, where guests can experience the soothing benefits of essential oils. Hand, neck, and shoulder massages are a wonderful way to relieve working tension, so why not install a massage station at your conference. To be sure your delegates are in the right headspace, consider starting your sessions with a guided meditation or mindfulness course. This will help guests focus and learn beneficial routines for promoting mental health.

Many of the wellness activities above are also available in virtual or hybrid formats, meaning online delegates can benefit from a healthy boost too. If you’d like advice on adding wellness activities to your events, contact the team at Flavour Events by clicking MAKE AN ENQUIRY below. We’re ready to help.