An in-person team building experience that's filled with laughs. Inspired by the hilarious TV show, Master of the Tasks challenges players with a fun selection of team games that will literally have your people in stitches! The games come in all shapes and sizes and are only revealed when teams open the famous wax sealed envelope. There’s something for everyone, with the name of the game being good old fashioned fun.

The event is hosted by a professional comedic compare, who will keep energy levels and enthusiasm high. He also plays the role of the main host, judging each round and allocating points. There are different types of tasks to suit everyone. Some team based, some individual, some creative tasks, skill tasks and some random curveballs.

The event starts with teams opening their challenge envelope. The task can either be a live challenge or a practice challenge. Live challenges take place straight away meaning the team must think quickly on their feet. Practice challenges give the group 10 minutes to plan their strategy. The games are varied so that players will not know what’s coming next. Some of our favourites games include:
• Smartie Pants: Separate different coloured smarties wearing
boxing gloves.
• Spud Sticks: How many potatoes can you move using giant
• Easy Peezy: How much lemon juice can your team member
squeeze whilst you’re standing in a bucket of iced water.
These are just 3 of over 25 amazing games to choose from.

If you want an event that will have people bending over with laughter then this is it! Teams are scored per round with a running leader-board. At the end of the event there’s a final bonus round giving teams the chance to steal the win. Your experience culminates with the final winners announced in a tense results ceremony, followed with plenty of applause and celebration.

Number of guests: 5 - 1,000
Duration: 1hr - 3hrs
Format: Indoor team building event
Location: UK wide
Price: From £57.50 pp+ VAT