An in-person team building event based around crime scene investigation. This 2.5 hour experience is available UK wide for up to 500 guests. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a crime scene investigator and how crimes & murders are really solved? Well, here’s your chance! There’s been a murder and we need your help to find the killer! Visit the crime scene and examine the evidence, study the suspect profiles, examine fingerprints, create a digital FBI style photo fit, compare a variety of hair and fibre samples under the microscope, analyse blood spatter and lots more.

This Crime Scene Experience event, based real life forensic investigations, leads guests through the fascinating processes of solving a crime and identifying the killer. Each team, supplied with white body suits and surgical gloves, will need to work closely together. They'll apply new skills to investigate the clues, using the evidence to work out who murdered our unfortunate victim… before the other teams beat them to it! This event includes a dedicated specialist event manager, forensic instructor and themed crime scenes, plus white suits, gloves and a selection of forensic equipment to be used on the day.

Number of guests: 5 - 500
Duration: 2.5hrs
Format: Indoor team building event
Location: UK wide
Price: From £57.50 pp+ VAT