There’s no denying that 2020 has been a golden year for virtual team events. Businesses are keen to adhere to safety measures. Therefore staff, colleagues, and corporate clients have spent an increased amount of time engaged in online meetings, webinars, and activities. If you’re hoping to organise a rewarding virtual event for your team or customers, here are some interesting activities to consider:


Mindfulness is an excellent way to help your improve wellbeing and mental health. Mindfulness experts can help people to retrain their mindsets, reducing the negative thought patterns which impact their daily lives. Guided mindfulness training delivers proven health benefits, which can lead to an improvement in focus, productivity, and happiness. Length of session can be tailored, with options to suit 20-100 attendees. Virtual mindfulness sessions could be added to your seminars and conferences or delivered over longer periods to empower your team.


Here’s a fun enhancement for your online events. Your guests can learn circus skills, such as juggling or balloon sculpture from master performers. Learning new routines together encourages participation and acts as a great icebreaker for corporate events. Virtual circus skills classes last 45 minutes each, teaching 1 skill per time. Attention is divided between both group and solo focus. Options are available for various group sizes. Enjoy some light entertainment and learn new talents.


This is an excellent option for staff parties and enjoyable interactive competition. Virtual gameshows go way beyond the conventional pub quiz format. We work with a range of suppliers who can recreate enthralling versions of much-loved classic TV gameshows for your guests. Open boxes while managing pressure from the banker, spin the lucky wheel and flip those cards. There are tons of fun options to choose from. If you want to entertain your clients, or treat your teams to a few hours of fun, virtual gameshows are a winner!

Flavour Venue Search works with many suppliers across a wide range of remote team events for corporate and private parties. If you need some inspiration, we can help you book the best online activities for the most memorable virtual events. Get in touch below.