With Easter only a few weeks away, many of our clients are looking for interesting ways to entertain their staff, colleagues, and friends. Easter is a great time for gatherings, and there are plenty of activities to engage in-person or remote working teams. Here’s a selection of team building activities which can be enjoyed during Easter, or indeed any other time of year.

Easter baking and chocolate workshops
Easter is a time of year that’s associated with tasty treats. We’ve a selection of in-person or virtual workshops which teach teams how to create their own Easter goodies. Easter baking workshops are available at venues, or in virtual format. Guests will bond while they bake Easter cakes or hot cross buns, along with honing their cake decoration skills. Alternatively, we’ve a fabulous workshop which allows guests to discover their inner chocolatier. Chocolate workshops are hosted by experts and will impart the techniques needed to create and decorate a beautiful selection of chocolates, or even Easter eggs.

Easter Craft Classes
An Easter themed craft workshop which teaches seasonal crafting skills. Guests have a choice of which decorations to make, including Pom-Poms, garlands, and Easter themed ceramic decorations. This fun interactive workshop is hosted by a crafting expert and is ideal for groups of 10 to 500 guests. Easter Craft Classes can be delivered in person at your office, or at a venue of your choice. Alternatively, this activity can be enjoyed online. Crafting items will be shipped in advance to UK addresses, giving guests everything they need to create beautiful items.

Outdoor murder mystery

Easter Escape Games
Springtime often brings fair weather, meaning Easter is the perfect time to enjoy an outdoor escape game. Teams will rely on their communication, puzzle solving, and collaborative skills to complete a range of environmental challenges. Outdoor escape games and street hunts can be enjoyed in a selection of outdoor environments. Solve puzzles to gain clues and unravel the mystery before the other teams. There’s also a great range of escape and puzzle games available online for remote working teams to enjoy too.

These are just a selection of the fun activities available through Flavour Events. For more activity ideas and information, visit flavourev.com, or make an enquiry below.