A virtual party experience that will get your guests excited. Virtual Music Bingo events deliver all the dabbing fun of virtual bingo, but using music instead of balls. Players get a unique bingo card featuring a list of the hottest tunes, dabbing them off as they hear each song being played. Each game is won by getting a full house of tunes, but the main aim is to share an energetic interactive experience with your friends and colleagues. A fantastic option for Christmas parties, stag and hen parties and other private and corporate events. Dance as you dab!

There are many musical options to choose from, including disco bingo, 80s, 90s, modern, movie music, Christmas bingo and more. Playlists can be tailored to suit your party and special shout-outs can be made for a uniquely personal experience. Each version features an enthusiastic character host to get your guests playing along. Add a live DJ or even a dancer for an authentic party experience. There are play-along party games, spotlighting and plenty of interaction to keep your guests engaged. A modern virtual party with a bingo twist.

A variety of fun hosts to choose from:

Players: 10 - 500
Timing: 1-2 hrs
Format: Zoom
Price: POA