Staying at home need not mean missing out on a fantastic evening. As demand increases, Flavour Venue Search have been working with the finest entertainers to deliver a virtual cabaret experience like no other. Online corporate events and virtual team building activities can be immensely entertaining when planned correctly. With nothing more than a computer, and maybe a glass of your favourite tipple, you and your colleagues, clients and friends can enjoy a variety performance to remember.

Virtual cabaret packages deliver all the pleasures of a night at a show, but with a few added benefits. Firstly, there’s no travel required, and you can enjoy your own drinks and nibbles while you watch. You’ll be safe and comfortable in your own home, with the best possible view of the show. Using software such as Zoom, viewers have the opportunity to interact with performers. There’s spotlighting, 1-2-1 conversation and even real-time song requests. Performers will encourage participation and engagement to make guests a part of the show. Also, let’s not forget that prices for a virtual front row seat are typically far more affordable too. If you're planning a socially distanced Christmas event, or want to enjoy good times with your colleagues, this is the hottest ticket in town.

Here’s where it gets exciting: A Flavour Venue Search virtual cabaret package can be customised by the client. We work with a wealth of talent who are happy to collaborate and deliver a line-up you’ll love. Hundreds of guests can join the show simultaneously. Using skilled Zoom technicians, they can be moved around between different “rooms”, each offering a new experience. A bit like visiting different stages at a festival, but with much less walking. Acts can include: Talented singers and instrumentalists who take requests. Hilarious Comedians and Entertainers. Magicians, Circus performers, Drag acts, DJs and more. You could even include an interactive game or dance party to keep energy levels high. Conversation can also be themed to suit your business or occasion. Virtual cabaret shows are a personalised, highly polished means of entertaining your staff, plus important clients and partners.

Are you looking to treat your key people to a memorable virtual experience? Get in touch with Flavour Venue Search today and we’ll help you create your perfect private cabaret show.