You're probably excited about your Summer holiday, and Christmas party season seems like ages away, but hear us out. Demand for event spaces is at an all time high, and lots of our clients have already booked their 2022 office Christmas party venues. Competition to find the best festive venues is stiff, but we're here to help find yours, and now is the time to get looking and booking. Here are some tips on finding the best venues for your holiday parties, plus a guide to how our venue finding team can help.

Make a plan
Event bookers stand the best chance of finding the ideal venue when they start with a clear idea of what they need. Before searching, you need to know: attendee numbers, date or dates, budget, and location requirements. Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays will have much more availability than Thursdays and Fridays. Be clear about essential details, plus areas where you can be flexible to get the best options. Knowing what's needed will help find the right venue quickly. For example: How will guests get to and from the venue? Do they need bedrooms? Do you need a stage and PA equipment? Our venue finding team know that plans can change, and we’ll always be flexible. However, having a strong plan and sticking with it greatly increases your chances of scoring the perfect venue. If you’re new to events, we’ll be happy to chat and suggest tips to help with planning.

Teamwork makes the dream work
The Flavour Venue Search team are experienced in finding venues for events with large attendee numbers. Bigger companies usually have many people involved in the venue booking decision making process: The community team, PA, EA, or Events Manager might be responsible for viewings, with the Finance and Legal teams needing to agree the price before the MD signs for approval. We understand different colleagues will have their own needs. Introduce us to your team so we can quickly find a venue which makes everybody happy.

Let us do the work for you!
Finding the right venue for your party can be a lot of work. Browsing websites, making enquires, chasing responses, arranging viewings, holding dates, and negotiating prices is a tough job. Let our experts make your life easier! We’ve spent many years visiting venues. We have the knowledge and relationships needed to work quickly and get the best deals. We regularly place bookings with our partner venues, so we’ve made relationships we can leverage to get favours and excellent packages. Our team comes from both hospitality and corporate backgrounds, so we understand your needs.

Flavour Events and Venues Christmas

The best advice we can offer is to book early. If you want to make this Christmas a magical one, make and enquiry below. We'll start searching for your perfect office party venue, so you can relax and enjoy your Summer.