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London truly is a beautiful city and on a bright summer’s day, it’s impossible to resist the lure of an al-fresco lunch. Mr. Flavour and I have been longing to check out Yauatcha at Broadgate Circle and on this glorious afternoon, they had a delightful outdoor table in the shade of a cherry blossom tree with our name on it.

We nestled into our banquette and perused the sumptuous menu as the sun warmed our skin. With so many delicious looking items to choose from, I think we’ll need some cocktails to aid the decision-making process. Refreshment came in the form of a lychee ginger Collins and a lychee Martini. Both were Eastern inspired takes on a Western classic. I was surprised that my husband didn’t opt for his usual Negroni but on a hot day like this, the cooling exotic flavours hit the spot and set the stage for the feast to come.

The first act began with the entrance of the fried dim sum platter. A real treat for the eyes. A delicately constructed quartet of mini nibbles: Richly seasoned venison encased in a puff pastry jacket. Mushroom served in a crisp spring roll and morels elegantly wrapped in vermicelli. The delightfully classic sesame prawn toast brought a satisfying conclusion to this course. (Mr. Flavour’s note: – You didn’t seem overly satisfied when I ate half of yours).fried dim sum

Next came the steamed dim sum platter. These brightly coloured parcels sat in their bamboo baskets almost looked too pretty to eat. I said almost! The black pepper wagu beef dumpling had to be scooped up quickly, as I could see my other half greedily eyeing it up. We loved the fiery Szechuan dumpling and the crystal wrap with pumpkin and pine nut was certainly an experience we’d never tasted. At this point in the lunch, our bellies were comfortably full but there was more deliciousness to come.Yaucha 1

When the stunning looking mains arrived at our table, our appetites magically returned. The lobster vermicelli pot was the real star of the show. A vibrant nest of saucy noodles and bright red claws, with plenty of succulent lobster meat to share. The Szechuan pepper beef was also pretty special but if you ate one of those dried chilies, you tasted the kiss of the Dragon (Mr. Flavour’s note: – Nothing I couldn’t handle! Now where’s that water?).yauacha dessert

The desserts were elegantly crafted and again, almost too beautiful to spoil. However, Mr. Flavour needed that cooling cherry compote with his black forest sweet to soothe his burning tongue. I had the yuzu rose choux; a pretty pink profiterole with delicate hints of ginger and rose water. Just as we thought we’d eaten our way through the entire menu, our charming waiter brought out some complimentary macaroons, whose vibrant colours mirrored our moods on this lovely summer afternoon. It would’ve been rude not to order another cocktail and the house take on an espresso martini perked us up enough to gently stroll to the nearest outdoor bar. That’s another story!

NEW YORK, NEW SENSATION! Hai street kitchen

sushi burritoAnyone who knows Mrs. Flavour and I is aware that we do love a good holiday. Despite living in an amazing city like London, we have the itchiest of feet and a serious case of wanderlust. If there’s money in the bank, you can bet we’ll be investing in sun, sights and seriously good eats. However, travel is far less fun without my gorgeous lady by my side and on a two-day work trip to New York, I felt like a heavily jet-lagged fish out of water.

Fortunately, they serve up some delicious food here and it wasn’t long before I tracked down something new. Whilst navigating the humid avenues lined with ginormous buildings, a street side cabin caught my eye. I saw a menu board containing two of my favourite words, yet never had I seen them combined this way: Sushi Burrito! Take my money now!

The geniuses behind Hai Street Kitchen on Times Square have paired the finest dishes of Japan and Mexico to create a mega-snack which was truly the most enjoyable part of this business trip. Their Slammin’ Salmon Burrito hit the spot like a Samurai Bandito. Chilled Salmon Tataki laced with fiery Gochujang sauce, enveloped by crisp romaine and pickled jicama, all wrapped up in a rice and nori poncho. I don’t generally expect sensational meals from a food truck but this bad-boy was fresh, crisp fusion of East meets Western. As filling as it was, I bought another one to go. After all, it’s going on the expenses.

After a few jars of the local ales, I called Mrs. Flavour to rave about my new discovery. She was overjoyed to learn all about my afternoon in the Big Apple, soothed by the voice of her loving husband as he regaled her with tales of tastiness. (Mrs. Flavour’s note: – It was almost midnight here. I was sleeping and you sounded like a half-cut Brit-abroad with borderline sunstroke. God only knows what the locals thought). As I sauntered off towards my Madison Avenue hotel, I felt a warm sense of contentment. The satisfying weight of the second Sushi Burrito nestled in my hand reminded me that tomorrow will get off to a great start. It’s not often I get to wake up to a Sushi Burrito for breakfast. As the sun set behind the Chrysler building like the Japanese flag, I think to myself: “There’s no way this delicious snack is going to make it through the night. Sayonara Muchacho!” Nom nom nom………